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The new Skellig Rocks & Valentia Island Tour

In July 2014 Director JJ Abrams began filming scenes for Star Wars: Episode VII on the remote island of Skellig Michael on the very South West coast of Ireland.

Walk With Me, as part of the relaunch of their website www.walkwithme.ie, have included as one of their new tours The Skellig Rocks & Valentia Island Tour.  This tour offers the visitor an opportunity to visit Skellig Michael in advance of the film release.

Skellig Michael

These remote rocks located 13km off the coast of Valentia Island & Portmagee Village are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place of outstanding natural beauty set amongst the ancient monastic ruins built by St. Fionán and his followers sometime between the 6th and 8th Century. Ray & Mary’s Tour gives you a choice of landing on Skellig Michael and climbing the 611 steps to the old monastic site or if you wish you can visit the Skellig Experience Visitor Centre on Valentia Island, enjoy the Exhibition Centre and take a boat trip around the Skellig Rocks.

The Tour also includes a Motor Tour of Valentia Island which has been designated part of the Dark Sky Reserve in the Northern Hemisphere and also home to the 385 million year old Tetrapod Trackway.  Valentia Island is also where Ray & Mary have located their vacation home ‘An Tiaracht’, which features on their website and is available for rentals. They are very excited about this tour, it’s attractions and expect a lot of interest in this tour.

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