Mount Brandon
Mount Brandon

Walk With Me Luxury Passenger Transport Service

As part of Walk With Me’s luxury passenger transport service, the Company offer a professional and punctual passenger transport service to and from all the leading airports in Ireland such as Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Kerry International Airports.

Walk With Me are also providing Wedding Day luxury transport for the Bride and Groom and the extended wedding party. They can provide transport for the small intimate groups but also provide transportation for larger groups.

Walk With Me Transport

If you are visiting Ireland on business and need a quick and efficient Guide to get you from point A to point B during your busy schedule, then Walk With Me are available to you and have a proven track record in this department having previously provided this professional service to a number of U.S. businesses. This is a unique service that involves quite an amount of preplanning of routes and destinations that Walk With Me are more than happy to assist you with during your business trip to Ireland.

Walk With Me are also aware of the growing interest in the area of discovering and tracing family roots and ancestry throughout Ireland and have in the past provided assistance and transport to families seeking to locate the origins and locations of their ancestors in Ireland. We have provided this service to a number of overseas visitors over the past few years to a surprisingly successful outcome. It has proven to be one of the most rewarding  areas of the Company’s business both for the clients and the guides from Walk With Me.

Find out more about your Irish Ancestry by viewing the following websites: